Basic stuff goes here, most important info and an intro. Name of the race, maybe an image, etc.

Population and Relations Edit

General Personality, Sub-specis/clans, Relations with other Races

Language * Edit


Cities and Lands * Edit

Cities and Lands.

Government Hierarchy * Edit

Government stuff.

Personal and Family Life * Edit

Stuff about family life.

Lifestyle Edit

Brief intro to life in their culture.

Style * Edit

Any architecture, clothing, etc. influences

Diet * Edit

Herbivores, carnivores, omnivores? Any specific cooking dishes?

Pets * Edit

Pets and mounts.

Religion Edit

Basic intro, what gods they worship, etc.

Famous Characters and Legends * Edit

History Edit

General history stuff/intro.

Warfare * Edit

Any notable battles and things they participated in.

Inventions and Introductions * Edit

Stuff they made or introduced to the world.

Economics Edit

Intro to what they bring to the economy of the world, in terms of resources and labor.

Available Resources * Edit

Anything that is more readily available to them than other races.

Crafts * Edit

Anything that they produce in large quantifies to export to other regions that isn't a natural resource.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

Any intro text. Favored Occupations can go here, as well as talents that don't fit the other categories below.

Physical Strengths * Edit

Magic Abilities * Edit

Weaknesses * Edit

Naming Conventions Edit

Naming conventions.