Race Template


Name: Tec’atun



General Personality: Closed, though not hostile, to outsiders. Nothing goes in or out of their area without their consent. Very rigid punishments, those who break the rules are harshly punished.

Language: Do they speak their own language or a common tongue? Dialects? Speak common dialogue, as well as their own intranational language. The general prevalence of these languages in the nation depends on the person. Anyone able to talk to the outside world speak both fluently, the lower class often only speak the national if they are younger.

Sub-Species or clans?: Three tiers of people. The Ascended, the Prospects, and the People(?). Hierarchy in that order, with the Ascended being the ‘face’ of the Tec’atun people to the outside world.

Cities and Lands: The Tec’atun people did not exist until their schism with the other Tall People alongside the bug people. Their departure took them south, then east to climb the mountains. Their capital lies on top of Seht’atun, the volcano, with their largest populous hub being carved into the western side overlooking the Jungle that they claim. Their cities live on the branches of the trees, along the trunk, and at the base for the different classes.

Government Hierarchy: Military Rule/Holy Empire. One emperor leads the Ascended, who also function as a military body, as a conduit between Atun, the Sun god. He makes all large choices for the nation, as dictated by Atun, and the minor cities are ruled by a similar caste with a high warrior priest ruling the top.

Relations with other races: Antagonistic with the Bug people due to conflicts in ideology and the war that followed to desolate the valley between them. Friendly to the Rock people, although not alway reciprocated due to their status. Neutral to friendly with Snow people as they were former kin, but time has separated the two nations. Little to no interaction with the rest of the races.


General: The Tec’atun, or children of the sun, began as a group of worshipers of the Sun God Atun in the northern city of Tall Capital alongside the Bug people. Eventually they leave alongside the Bug People to discover Seht’atun, the spire of the sun. They traversed the western mountain range to the tallest mountain where a disagreement split the two nations. The Tec’atun then traveled east across the verdant valley to the opposite mountain range to climb the tallest mountain to find the cratered peak of an active volcano from which Atun rose their capital after a ceremony from which the first Ascended rose, including the Emporer. The ‘mountain’ was since named Seht’atun and the Tec’atun people settled amidst it and down its far slope into the jungle and beyond.

Wars: They have fought one major war with the Bug people. The war turned the valley between the two nations to desolation, and turned the group of Tall people living there, that the war was fought over, into the Rock people they are today with the magic that was unleashed.

Inventions and Crafting: Their introduction of Magic into the world is their biggest strength. Atun taught them the power of the words first, and the Ascended were quick to grasp onto the teachings. It helps keep them in power in their nation and is often the reason they are left so alone. They use the words much more freely than the other nations, using it to shape and grow their cities from nothing.


Religion: Atun, the Sun God.

Famous Characters and legends: Their Emperor is their conduit to Atun, he is seen as a prophet and a king among the Ascended and the Prospects. The second of the Ascended, the highest warrior and priest of the nation, is also considered a worthy legend. They train the Ascended into being the force that they are and have set many of the mandates that haven’t come directly from Atun himself.


Physical Strengths: Things that allow them to move, work, or fight better

Magic abilities: Magic… Abilities.

Talents/other strengths: Any other strengths that don’t fit the previous two.

Weaknesses: Yeah.

Favored Occupations: Is there a job that fits them best? Do they make good miners? Farmers?


Naming Conventions: Any naming conventions established yet?

Style: What do their cities and buildings look like? Influences?

Families: Do they tend to live with family? Who moves out and when? What is a person’s role in the family?

Diet: Herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore? Any specific specialties they cook?

Pets: Do they keep any unique pets or mounts?


Resources: What are they able to acquire that others may not?

Crafting: What can they make?